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Code of Enforcement Board

The Marion Code Enforcement Board is responsible for the enforcement of all ordinances which are designed to impose civil fines.  The Board is not, however, responsible for any enforcement of ordinances within the Kentucky Penal Code or any moving motor vehicle offense.  The authority and role of the Board can be reviewed further under chapter 37 of the City of Marion Code of Ordinances.


  • Eddie Belt
  • Barb Browning

Code Enforcement Database

  • Issued: This property was cited, the property owner did not pay the fine or request a hearing, and a final order has been issued.

  • Appealable: This property was cited, and a final order was issued following a Code Board Hearing. The final order can be appealed in district court within 30 days.

  • Not Appealable: The property owner did not file an appeal to court within the required time frame.

  • Appealed: The final order against this property has been appealed in court and is awaiting resolution.

  • Processing: The City is currently processing paperwork to file a lien against this property.

  • Lien Filed: A lien has been filed against this property.

    No Current Records 

Final Orders Notification

House Bill 422, an act relating to local code enforcement, was adopted by the 2016 Kentucky General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Matt Bevin.

The bill consolidates code enforcement provisions, including nuisance codes. The bill also extends lien priority provisions to all code enforcement violations code. Local governments have a right to a lien for fines, fees, and charges for violations of local code enforcement ordinances, which lien may be superior to those of prior lienholders. Local governments must implement a notification system to lienholders in order to obtain lien priority over previously filed liens. The lienholder has the right to abate the violation or pay all fines, fees, and charges for violations within 45 days of notice.

By signing up for this free electronic notification system, you will receive the Final Orders issued by the City of Marion Code Enforcement Board. The electronic notifications will be sent out at least no less than once per week.

A Final Order means any order:

  1. Issued by the Code Enforcement and Nuisance Board
  2. Issued by a City Code Official because a violator neither paid nor contested the citation within seven (7) days
  3. Issued by a City Code Official because a violator failed to appear at a hearing the violator requested to contest the citation

An alleged violator may appeal a final order issued by the Code Enforcement Board directly to District Court. An appeal from a final order of a Code Enforcement Board following a hearing may be made to the Crittenden County District Court within thirty (30) days of the date the order is issued.

If no appeal from a final order following a hearing is filed within the time period set above, the order shall be deemed final for all purposes.

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